Meet Me

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I’m a true blue, down to the core, fiber of my being Mormon. And, despite the potentially unpopular label, I’m a true blue, down to the core, fiber of my being lesbian.

I court the seemingly impossible marriage between the two, while also navigating my decade-plus mixed orientation marriage (MOM) with my husband. The ménage à trois of faith, sexuality and chosen partner has at times vacillated between ecstasy and suicidality, yet I keep pursuing the elusive “and.”

I love being an Aries because it gives me permission to always be right. I am trying very hard to make friends with uncertainty and discomfort, but they keep demanding I stop being so controlling. My passion is building things–humans, companies, communities, causes, and tree houses. I think random acts of kindness, curiosity, and belly laughs are super sexy.

The contribution I most wish to offer in building the Kingdom of God is to spread empathy and dialogue as the universal guides to navigating conflict without loosing connection.

I also think a lot about what it will be like to be 90 and look over my life. I will be proud, if in the end, I was an instrument of peace, a champion of beauty, a believer in the power of love, and that I went with kindness.

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